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Using the Menu, Categories and Search functions

I finally got around to cleaning a few things up to hopefully make this site more accessible. The biggest change is the topic selections in the main menu across the top. Now when you click, say, Brewing Water Series – a page displays with the Post titles organized in order of posting – meaning the older topics are on top. It will be easy enough to do further organization as the click lists grow.

If you are looking for a specific topic, and it is not on the top menu, give the category drop down a try on the right. All of the categories are there, but the results are whole posts which will require you to scroll through the posts – and at the bottom, there is an OLDER POSTS button to keep rolling through.

Also the search function will look for keywords within the posts and provide similar functionality. This results in short summaries of both pages and posts.

As the content grows, I will continue to look for better solutions to have information more easily accessed.

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