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Sour Beer Brewing, Michael Tonsmiere

So a shameless plug for Michael Tonsmiere who just released a very good book exploring American Sour Beers. You can find the book here on Amazon. He also runs the brewing blog – The Mad Fermentationist, which I have been following for a few years.

Michael was interviewed for a Beersmith podcast with Dr. Brad Smith of Beersmith fame and a good listen. Beersmith podcasts provide tons of great information and should be on your listening rotation! Not trying to hijack YouTube or Beersmith.com, but the interview is embedded below. – Not my content or interview – just passing along a really good podcast!

I have had the privilege to exchange a few emails with Michael, who while very busy, has been very gracious in offering advice and encouragement. If you care at all about the new trends in craft beer – and about how American Sour Beers fit into the world stage – Michael Tonsmiere is the man!

Cheers Michael – congratulations on a great book. Hopefully I can share a pint or three with you some day…

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