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Not too late to enter BrewUnited Challenge 2015

The BrewUnited Challenge 2015: I already sent out an announcement, but it got eaten in the website drama. I am really happy to announce that this blog is a sponsor. BrewUnited is an exciting new community of homebrewers that live by the “Don’t be a jerk” mantra. Formerly Homebrewdad.com, the community rolled over to the new name and a new look and feel a few weeks ago. There is a very good mix of highly experienced all grain brewers and those new to the hobby. It also features a really cool blogging platform. Even if you don’t enter – give the forum a try – I think you will enjoy it!

The BrewUnited Challenge 2015 is designed as an “Iron Chef meets Chopped” for home brewers. There is a very limited required ingredient list to create 15 BJCP styles – and most of the ingredients are NOT style traditional. So you will need to get creative in how you might create your recipe, process the malts through toasting, roasting or stewing and create a great beer. There are three different Divisions (Hoppy, Balanced, and Malty) that are judged in different locations, as well as 5 BJCP categories in each Division. Submit up to 3 beers (but only 1 per style), and if you submit 2-3 beers, you are eligible for the lifetime recognition as Homebrew Hero. You can enter here.

must use all of these!
must use exactly two (and only two!) of these!
Required Malts
Pilsner Malt
Munich Malt (Light or 10L)
Crystal 60L
Flaked Wheat
No other malt, grain, or fermentable

Extract Alternatives
Pilsen Malt (LME) or Pilsen Light (DME)
Munich Malt (LME) or Sparkling Amber (DME)
Crystal 60L (steep)
Wheat Malt (LME) or Bavarian Wheat (DME)
No other extract, steeping grain, or fermentable

Northern Brewer
Any yeast of your choice; dry or liquid, commercial or wild.

The Divisions and Styles

Malty Beers Balanced Beers Hoppy Beers
4B – Munich Dunkel 6B – Blonde Ale 10A – American Pale Ale
5B – Traditional Bock 6C – Kolsch 10B – American Amber ale
9E – Strong Scotch Ale 7B – California Common Beer 14A – English IPA
11C – Northern English Brown 8C – Extra Special Bitter 14B – American IPA
12A – Brown Porter 11A – Mild 14C – Imperial IPA

At the time of this post, there are about 60 slots remaining. Each division is limited to 100 entries – so reserve your spot today. The shipping window is in September so plenty of time to run a couple of test batches.


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