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Haven’t forgotten to blog…

It has been a while since I posted something meaningful… and this probably is not meaningful. I thought I would mention what is going on – and what I have planned.

  1. I completed the BJCP Mead Exam. This took up a month of study, and most importantly, a lot of tasting some very wonderful meads. Hope to get a chance to judge this weekend for the Texas Mead Fest. Can’t wait to get my score!
  2. I am making a ton of mead after getting ‘local’ honeys from Nebraska and North Central Kansas. Both are wildflower, but very different – lots of clover in the Kansas batch. Looking for some great fruit to bump these up a bit.
  3. I bought the Grainfather to be able to brew test batches and brew inside. With the ridiculous heat here in Central Texas, I needed an indoor option. So brewing on it – and getting to know the system has tied up some of my time.
  4. BJCP Tasting Exam coming up. Each Wed through September are class preparation. Test is the last weekend of September.
  5. A revisit to Farmhouse ales. This series is looking at recipe development to tell a story, inspired by visiting my family’s homestead in North Central Kansas and taking pictures of old farmhouses.
  6. A basic primer on the brewing pH system, from Liquor to Mash to Kettle to Fermenter.

Time to get brewing! Prosit!

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