“Blather and bother,” some effing Hobbit

Brewer's Notes, Rambling
The Rabbit Room - Eagle and Child Pub, Oxford
Rather than revisit the past, despite a rather disappointing and very annoyed viewing of The Hobbit 2 (if you have to ask, you will never understand), I thought this space is better spent looking forward to 2014. Seriously, what was Peter Jackson thinking?

I do have some goals, but not really resolutions. I would like to brew a couple of BJCP compliant beers and do well in competitions. I would like to brew to celebrate some specific events, that are perhaps not on anyone’s calendar (like JRR Tolkien’s birthday, Jan 3 or the anniversary release of Everquest). I would like to finally brewery-crawl all of the Austin/Houston/College Station breweries and get to know more of the community. I would like to actually get labels onto some bottles and stop using arcane codes on the crowns.

I plan to release more information on water management in brewing, as I experiment, and hope the information is more useful in application than arcane, and have usable data that I collect and analyze.

Finally, I would like to see this blog grow in readership and see more reader feedback. I would like the information to be more approachable and allow brewers of all levels have a better practical understanding of things that may improve their brewing experience.

Most of all – I wish everyone out there a truly prosperous and happy year – and great success in brewing!