My Barrel (bucket) List…


brewhouseWas thinking about what I really want to do, related to brewing, beer, etc. so thought I would put together a barrel list…

  1. Tour Belgium a few times, skip the commercial breweries and head toward the few real monastic breweries. Bonus: spend a week helping.
  2. Attend Octoberfest. Been to Munich, just never at the right time.
  3. Brew with a “Real Ale” brewer in Sheffield England. I have a really good shot at this one. Prime a pin or three.
  4. Start my own brewery, maybe a retirement hobby. Yeah I know everyone wants to do this.
  5. Win “Best of Show” at an AHA sanctioned competition.
  6. Meet and have a beer drink with:
    1. Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo
    2. Jamil Zainasheff
    3. John Palmer
    4. Stan Hieronymous
    5. Ken Grossman
    6. Aaron Franklin – BBQ master extraordinaire, but a huge beer fan!
    7. Peter Jackson and Christopher Tolkien – seriously
    8. … this list will grow of course…
  7. Brew styles that are out of my comfort range
    1. Pilsener
    2. Dunkleweisen
    3. “Proper” Belgian Strong Dark and Golden
    4. Steam Beer / Cali Common
    5. Bocks/Helles
    6. True “Real Ale” in a pin on a proper beer engine. No sparkler.
    7. Crush my own apples and make real cider
    8. A proper, period representative Mead
    9. Get a barrel or three – start a wild yeast beer series (props to Michael Tonsmeire)
  8. Build a decent scale cold room for lagering and aging

So some of this is quite possible, others probably not. It’s good to dream though – yeah?

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